How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After You Cheated On Him

how to get your ex boyfriend back after cheating on him

So, you made a terrible mistake, you betrayed the man you love and he left you. Now, you’re broken hearted and desperately trying to figure out how to get your ex boyfriend back after you cheated on him. But how do you do this? How do you get him to give you a second chance? Believe it or not, even if your boyfriend has told you something along the lines of “I can never forgive you” or “I never want to see you again”, you still have a good chance of winning him back if you follow a few simple guidelines.

3 Tips On How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After You Cheated

1) Apologize

This may seem like an obvious, but the important thing is that you apologize the RIGHT WAY. A simple “I’m so sorry” is just not going to cut it in this case. Your man feels hurt and betrayed and just saying sorry is going to make him feel like you are just trying to placate him and that you are not actually sincere in your apology. The first lesson on how to get your ex boyfriend back after you cheated on him, or even how to get yourself out of hot water in any other situation, is how to apologize properly.

T.W. Jackson, a human relationships wizard who’s lived in many different countries and has helped thousands of couples around the world, has a whole section of his book, The Magic of Making Up, devoted to how to get your ex boyfriend back after you cheated on him. He points out that HOW you apologize is what really makes the difference.

Most people apologize in a sort of “I’m sorry, BUT…” and usually the ‘but’ boils down to “BUT it’s NOT my fault” or even worse “BUT it’s YOUR fault”. Trying to make excuses for yourself or blame your partner for your wrongdoing is not an apology and it’s not how to get your ex boyfriend back after you cheated.

You need to take responsibility for your actions. Admit that you were wrong, and how you feel about it. Tell him you feel terrible for betraying his trust.

2) Explain Your Actions (with caution!)

Your ex will also want to know WHY you cheated. How you handle this is very important. Don’t say something like “I was just so lonely” because this, again, places the blame on your ex boyfriend. Even if there was some reason such as loneliness, you still shouldn’t have betrayed his trust. TAKE THE BLAME. Don’t blame it on the other guy or your boyfriend.

Also, don’t go into detail and make the man you cheated with seem better than your ex boyfriend in ANY way. Your man’s self-confidence will be shattered. He will feel like there must be something horribly wrong with him that made you cheat on him.

Let him know that HE is better than the one you had an affair with.

Obviously, this must be the truth, or you wouldn’t be stressing about how to get your ex boyfriend back after cheating, instead you’d be happily in the arms of the better man. Let your ex boyfriend know that HE is the better man.

Men crave appreciation and notice more than anything else, so if you show him that appreciation you will be well on your way to healing the hurts and having him forgive you.

3) Have Realistic Expectations

Your man may be furious with you when he finds out you were cheating, or he may sink into despair. One way or the other, it is important to remember that these things will take time to heal. Don’t expect him to immediately forgive you. Even if he does take you back right away, you shouldn’t expect full forgiveness. Some women practically DEMAND that their ex boyfriend gives them full forgiveness right away. But, the honest truth is, even if he says he forgives you, he will still be hurting and unsure of the relationship for some time.

You need to be patient with him. If he brings it up once in a while, that is to be expected. He just needs closure and reassurance that HE is the one you want to be with. It takes time to rebuild trust after you have cheated. But slowly building back up the relationship and regaining his trust is the only way how to get your ex boyfriend back after you cheated on him.

All You Need is LOVE

Most women completely give up on getting their man back after they have cheated. But, they don’t realize that the reason he left isn’t because he doesn’t love you, it’s because he thinks you don’t love him. If you can convince him that you still love him deeply and that you want to work things out, you have a very good chance of getting him back. You obviously do love him if you are thinking of how to get your ex boyfriend back after you cheated. Remember the tips in this article, and read through the section on “The Clean Slate Method” in T.W. Jackson’s book. If you are interested in learning this and other methods to reconcile with your boyfriend, just take a good look at this book. Here is a short video by “T Dub”, himself, explaining how you can get your hands on this invaluable information.

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Before you know it, you will be on the road to recovery and may even have a closer relationship with your boyfriend in the end.

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