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Mort fertel reviewsAnyone who has done a cursory internet search on “fixing a marriage” has undoubtedly come across the name Mort Fertel. He is very successful marriage repairman and he has gained international recognition as the go to guy for anyone who has problems in their marriage or who are just seeking to strengthen a relationship that is already off to a good start. There are literally hundreds of Mort Fertel reviews out there that can help you get a good look into what he and his relationship philosophy are all about, but in this review I’m just going to focus on his Mortel Marriage Fitness Program. But first I’ll give you a quick rundown of what other people are saying about Mort Fertel.

Who Is Mort Fertel?

Mort Fertel is an expert on the psychology of relationships. He has been featured on international television, radio, magazine and newspapers, and his Marriage Fitness Program is endorsed by psychologists, family therapists, marriage counselors and other experts in the field. What’s different about Mort’s approach to fixing marriages is that he focuses on the root of the problem (a lack of love and respect in the relationship) rather than having couples rehash all their bitterness and arguments, which usually leads to even more bitterness and arguments. His new approach may seem a little radical, and this had definitely got people talking and searching for Mort Fertel reviews, but it is enormously more effective than most other methods of repairing a marriage. There is a well known quote that says:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

And this is where traditional marriage counseling often fails. We expect that going to a therapist will help to fix our problems, but what it often does is dredge up old hurts and open old wounds. Thinking that repeating this process will eventually help your marriage (even though it only serves to hurt it more) is the definition of insane. Sadly most couples don’t know there is a better option. Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp is completely different from normal marriage therapy, and is a thousand times more effective. Making sure that more couples can learn about, and benefit from, the teachings in this program is the goal of this review.

I’ve Read a Few Negative Mort Fertel Reviews… What’s That About?

Yes, there are a few negative Mort Fertel reviews out there, but when you weigh them against the positive reviews, it’s apparent that the majority of people who sign up for Mort’s services are EXTREMELY happy with their decision. I too have read these reviews and many of them seem quite groundless. One person, for example, was complaining that they were not able to get a refund on the product that they purchased. However, right there in the review, the person stated that they had NOT fulfilled the eligibility requirements to get reimbursed, however they still wanted their money back….?

As with anything as popular and helpful as Mort Fertel’s extremely helpful services and products, there are going to be some naysayers. But, I wouldn’t suggest you put off availing of Mort Fertel’s advice if your marriage is in trouble, just because a few Mort Fertel reviews were negative (usually because they didn’t put their all into it…)

So What Can I Expect If I Sign Up For The Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp

A lot of people wonder what makes the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp any different from the other relationship books and counselors that they have tried in the past, without success. Well, the main difference is that you won’t be asked to talk about your problems. You won’t be given endless lessons on communication (which are honestly quite awkward). You won’t have to dwell on your problems and how they make you feel. In fact, you will be asked to forget all your problems for a short while and just focus on enjoying being together! One of the Mort Fertel reviews that I’ve read puts it well and says it’s basically a marriage retreat where you forced to look at what you love about the other person instead of focusing on the negative.

But what if my spouse isn’t into it?

Mort knows that many times, only one spouse is interested in saving the marriage. This can be very frustrating for that spouse, as no matter how hard you try, without the other person’s cooperation, your attempts will often be doomed to failure. However, if you choose to sign up for the Tele-Boot Camp, you can choose one of two tracks: The Lone Ranger or the Duo Track.

This allows you to get tailor made advice for YOUR situation. Also, if at anytime your spouse becomes more cooperative, you can switch to the Duo Track at no additional expense!

What Do You Get With The Program?

7 Tele-Seminars

These are schedule seminars that you can listen to and get your questions answered through the phone. You can listen in with your spouse and ask questions, or you could even do it from separate phones if you are not in the same location. This allows you to get advice is that is SPECIFIC TO YOUR SITUATION and which may not be included in the CDs or books.

A 1-on-1 Private Session Mort Fertel

According to most Mort Fertel reviews, this is one of the greatest advantages of signing up for this program; a one-on-one session where Mort Fertel can help you to better understand how to save your marriage. You can schedule this for whenever you want, and you can have this private session either together, if you are on the Duo Track, or on your own, if you’ve gone the Lone Wolf route.

A Complete 15 CD Audio Learning System

This Audio Learning System allows you to work on your marriage no matter where you are. You can listen while driving to work, stick on your Ipod and listen to it while you are waiting at an appointment, or just learn in the comfort of your own home!

The Complete Marriage Fitness Workbook & Personal Journal

This will help you to review what you have learned on CDs and also help you to keep track of your progress. Recording any progress (or even any difficulties you’ve run into) will help you to set goals for yourself and see how far you’ve come.

You will also receive:

- 3 Open-Mike Q&A Teleconferences

- An Autograph Copy of Marriage Fitness

- 7 “Homework” Assignments

- A Complete 7-Week Implementation Schedule

- 5 Marriage Assessments.

- Access to Members-only Web Site

- Lone Ranger Track or the Duo Track (You can switch between the two at any time)

You will be able to benefit from all these features, as well as having the added benefits of:

- Privacy (No snoopy parents-in-law have to know about it. You can do all this in the privacy of your home)

- Affordability (The ENTIRE program will cost only a fraction of what you might spend on couples therapy!)

- Effectiveness (It’s arguably THE MOST effective way to restore a relationship and get back the love!)

As well as many more benefits that just can’t be enumerated. If you have been reading Mort Fertel reviews, and you still haven’t decided on whether his program is right for you, I suggest you evaluate what your marital problems are costing you; not just monetarily, but physically and emotionally. If you do this, you will realize that availing of this program, which is basically guaranteed to work 100% of the time, is very much worth your time and effort. I hope this review and any other Mort Fertel reviews you may have read will guide you to the answers you are looking for and the solutions that will help you save your marriage.

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