What Are the Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Still Likes You?

signs your ex boyfriend still likes you

Every girl that has ever had a boy she loved break up with her hopes and prays that someday he will come to his senses and realize how much he really loves her. Him calling up (at an appropriate time, of course…) and confessing his love, or actually coming to the door with flowers and chocolates would usually be pretty good signs your ex boyfriend still likes you. Unfortunately, men are usually not this clear in expressing their feelings, often because they have a hard deciphering these emotions themselves (and they call US complicated?!)

However, there are a few subtler signs your ex boyfriend still likes you that you can look for if you feel like he may still be interested. Here’s what to look for –

What Are the Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Still Likes You (and NOT just “as a friend”)?

- Contact

Men who are interested in you are going to make an effort to stay in contact with you. Of course, they may just be playing the “friends” card because they don’t want to hurt your feelings or because they do genuinely like you as a friend (yes, this does sometimes happen) However, how much effort they put into keeping in contact may be a good indicator of how much they really like you. If he is the one who usually initiates contact through email, calls, inviting you out etc., then he is probably still in love with you or at least is interested in more than just being friends. However, if you are the one that constantly has to call him up, chances are he’s not into you.

Matt Huston, a professional relationship coach and author of the best selling book “Get Him Back Forever”, points out that the problem most women make when trying to get their exes back is that they chase them. This usually just pushes the man away. If you allow the man to chase you, you will get much better results because that is what a man is programmed to do – chase! By letting him come to you, something that Matt calls “Reverse Rejection”, you increase your chances because he will FEEL in control… but really you are! (Smart!). You can find specific tactics and methods to put the principles of “Reverse Rejection” into practice in Get Him Back Forever, along with a thoroughly detailed plan to get your ex back and make him want to stay for good (if you deem him a “keeper” that is…)!

- Eye Contact, Facial Expressions and Body Language

These are some of the easiest to look for signs your ex boyfriend still likes you. If he turns to you when you talk, smiles a lot when he sees you and talks to you, mimics your body language and looks you in the eye when you talk to each other, these are great signs your ex boyfriend still likes you. If a man immediately lights up when you enter the room, looks you in the eye when you talk and actually seems interested in what you are saying (something that men who are not interested in you have a very hard time faking) chances are you have a love-struck puppy on your hands that is waiting for you to give him some sign that YOU are still interested.

- Acting Jealous

It is completely natural for a man to want protect the woman that he loves. This is why we have so many overprotective (and even psycho!) boyfriends that literally bristle up when they see any potential threat that might steal their woman away. If your ex is still kind of acting in this way, he probably hasn’t given up his protective rights to you, which means he still likes you, even though he may try to dismiss it (denial… psssh!) If he still feels like other men are threats, this is one of the BIGGEST SIGNS YOUR EX BOYFRIEND STILL LIKES YOU… a lot!

"How bout you just keep your hands to yerself there, buddy"

So What Do You Do If You Think Your Ex Boyfriend Still Likes You?

Well, if you still want him back – you’re in luck! You don’t have to do much to win him back (because he’s already in your pocket). What you need to think about is what NOT to do. This is exactly why reading Get Him Back Forever can be so helpful; because it will guide you away from doing the irrational things that come so naturally to us. You could mess up your chances and any progress you have been making at this point if you don’t know what you’re doing, which is why Matt Huston’s expert advice is CRUCIAL if you want to get things right. If you want a good start to any rekindled relationship, you will have to do things differently than you did last time around. Sometimes this can mean being a little less selfish and more caring. More often it can mean that you need to be more assertive in your relationship and have enough self-respect to stand up for yourself and be a mature partner in the relationship! Men find women who are calm, yet powerful and who know what they want, VERY SEXY!

If you see these signs your ex boyfriend still likes you, you should read up on how to handle a new relationship with an old flame, and then drop your own subtle hints that you still like him, as well. Flirt a little, and then just let things happen naturally. You’ll have your boyfriend back before you know, and this time it might even be for good!

Not Sure If He’s Still Interested Or Just Being Friendly?

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