3 Things to Say to Get Your Boyfriend Back (And Keep Him Back!)

things to say to get your boyfriend backAnger, regret, sadness, remorse, confusion; you may feel all of these things when the man you love leaves you. I think the word that would best describe how most women feel when their boyfriend breaks up with them is – shattered. That’s not even a strong enough word in some cases, but the thousand little pieces that you can’t quite seem to put back together or make sense of fits the description of the emotional state of most women after a breakup perfectly. When we feel like this we would do anything to make the hurt go away, get our man back and be happy again. You might even mentally go over a list of things to say to get your boyfriend back.

However, this list of things to say to get your boyfriend back is usually very flawed. You are in an emotional state, and thus you can not trust yourself to act or respond to the situation in a rational and logical way. You will let your emotions get the best of you and ruin your chances of getting back together with your ex if you are not careful.

If you are in this state of confusion and you’re acting on instinct, you will make critical mistakes. However, this can all be avoided if you know the cardinal rules of how to handle a break up. Probably the best “survival manual”, for anyone who is dealing with a break up, is The Magic of Making Up. In this book, T.W. Jackson goes over the psychological aspect of what makes men (and women) want to come back to their exes and what pushes them away. He is amazingly insightful and his book has literally saved thousands of relationships that would have otherwise been lost.

So, without much further ado, here are

3 Things To Say To Get Your Boyfriend Back:

1) “I’m Sorry”

I know; sorry can be the hardest word. But, letting your ex boyfriend know that you are sorry for your part in the breakup will set the scene for a better relationship in the future. Unfortunately, the problem that most girls make is that they take this apologizing to the extreme. They apologize for EVERYTHING and go on to beg their boyfriend to take them back.

This is so wrong for so many reasons, but I’ll just give you the main ones

  1. You are not responsible for everything. Your ex also made mistakes.
  2. By taking responsibility for his mistakes he will A. – feel like it WAS actually your fault or B. – realize that you are desperate for him and that you probably have self esteem issues (= VERY unattractive)

Thus, HOW YOU SAY YOU’RE SORRY IS VERY IMPORTANT. It is one of the first things to say to get your boyfriend back, so you will need to do it right.

Simply tell him that you are sorry for the mistakes that you have made and any hurt you have caused him. That’s it! Don’t go into details, give him a list of your (or his!) wrongdoings, and please do not start begging for him back. Just say sorry and leave it at that.

2) “I’ll be fine”

This may seem like a lie at the time you say it, but in the long run it’ll be true.

Telling him that you’re cool with the breakup works on his psyche. WHY would be okay with that?! Wasn’t he good enough??

You see what you just did there? You turned the tables on him and now he is thinking about why YOU don’t want him. Instead of you pining over him, you basically told him that “Ah, well. Wasn’t that great anyway…” and he will be dying to prove you wrong. He will be pleading you to give him a second chance. He’ll be chasing you… and this is good. Very good.

3) “Keep in touch”

Let him know that he can still talk to you if he needs to. This makes it clear that the door is still open. But HE will need to knock.

You are not going to go out of your way to call him. But, if he calls you – Well, then you can talk. But, do your best to seem casual in any conversation with him. If this is too hard because the break up was too recent, and you just don’t know what to say to get your boyfriend back, it is best just to let him know that you are busy and will talk later. After a while, you will be able to convince him that you are getting on with your life.

This means that HE will need to put in effort to win you back. Believe it or not, this is what he wants. He wants to be able to chase you and win you. If someone just gives you a medal and you never even ran the race, you’d feel cheated and you wouldn’t appreciate the prize. Letting him work to win you back ensures that he will appreciate you more when he does.

Worst Things to Say to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Spilling your guts to your ex and letting him know how much you miss him and love him etc, will only push him away. That’s the kind of thing you spill to your best friend – they are not good things to say to get your boyfriend back! If you have issues that you need to work out before you talk to your ex, you should do so. Here is a video by T Dub, that perfectly explains why you shouldn’t go confessing your love, just yet:

You can find more videos by T.W. Jackson, as well as find out more about the techniques in the Magic of Making Up >>>HERE<<<

Reading T.W Jackson’s book can help you to get a healthier perspective of how things really are and will allow you to formulate a plan and practice what to say to get him back.

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